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QuantiGene is the Premier solution for Quantitative Gene Expression Analysis.

QuantiGene assays bring the power of branched DNA (bDNA) technology to basic and pre-clinical research. The bDNA assay is a sandwich nucleic acid hybridization method that uses bDNA molecules to amplify signal from captured target RNA. bDNA technology forms the basis of the FDA-approved clinical diagnostic VERSANT 3.0 assays for HIV, HCV and HBV viral load, that are offered commercially by Siemens and have been in use for over a decade. Another advantage of bDNA assays is that RNA is measured directly from the sample source, without RNA purification or enzymatic manipulation, thereby avoiding inefficiencies and variability introduced by or errors inherent to these processes. QuantiGene assays are now widely used, in applications encompassing biomarker discovery, secondary screening, validation of microarray data, quantification of RNAi knockdown and predictive toxicology.

QuantiGene Products for Quantitation

Here are some of the highlights

  • Sensitivity comparable to real time PCR, limit of detection ≤ 200 transcripts/assay well
  • RNA quantitation directly from cultured cells or fresh tissues
  • RNA quantitation from blood or formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues
  • No RNA purification
  • No reverse transcription
  • No target amplification
  • Simple assay workflow