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ViewRNATM Probe Set Catalog - FISH and CISH Probes

ViewRNA Probe Set Catalog - Available FISH and CISH Probes

ViewRNA Probe Sets are designed for use with ViewRNA Assays for unrivalled, ultra-sensitive and specific detection of lncRNa and mRNA by in situ hybridization. Multiplexing is possible by running different target specific Probe Set TYPEs. See the different Probe Set TYPEs and assay format compatibility in the table below.

ViewRNA "By Request" Probe Set - Custom FISH and CISH Probes

Probes for your new/novel RNA target can be designed and synthesized at no additional cost. Please provide requested information and provide any information on any special design requirements. Allow 1 week for delivery of a "By Request" ViewRNA Probe Set.

Species Catalog Number Accession Symbol Contains the Phrase  
6454 records were found
TYPE 1HUMANSERPINE1Serine (or systeine) proteinase inhibitor, clade E (nexin, plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1), member 1NM_000602VA1-10027
TYPE 1HUMANTFF1Trefoil factor 1 (breast cancer, estrogen-inducible sequence expressed in)NM_003225VA1-10016
TYPE 1HUMANPDZK1PDZ domain containing 1NM_002614VA1-10015
TYPE 1HUMANERCC6Lexcision repair cross-complementing rodent repair deficiency, complementation group 6-likeNM_017669VA1-10029
TYPE 1MOUSEIl6Interleukin 6NM_031168VB1-10012
TYPE 1HUMANBLMBloom syndromeNM_000057VA1-10010
TYPE 1HUMANG6PCglucose-6-phosphatase, catalyticNM_000151VA1-10018
TYPE 1VECTORdsRed2pDsRed2_ER red fluorescence proteinEU016077VF1-10017
TYPE 1HUMANZNF189zinc finger protein 189NM_003452VA1-10009
TYPE 1HUMANPLAURplasminogen activator, urokinase receptorNM_002659VA1-10025
TYPE 1RATAvpArginine vasopressinNM_016992VC1-10031
TYPE 1INFLUENZA A VIRUSHA-NegativeHA-NegativeNC_002017.NVF1-10030
TYPE 1HUMANSIDT1SID1 transmembrane family, member 1NM_017699VA1-10032
TYPE 1HPV 45HPV45-E6-E7Human papillomavirus type 45, (HPV45-E6-E7) genesY13218VF1-10042
TYPE 1HUMANCDKN2Acyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2A (melanoma, p16, inhibits CDK4)NM_000077VA1-10040
TYPE 1HPV 11HPV11-E6-E7papillomavirus type 11 HPV11-E6-E7 mRNAM14119VF1-10045
TYPE 1HPV16HPV16-E6-E7Human papillomavirus type 16 isolate OAX263 early transformingprotein E6 (E6) and early transforming protein E7 (HPV16-E6-E7)AY089953VF1-10044
TYPE 1HPV 6BHPV6b-E6-E7Genital human papillomavirus type 6b HPV6b-E6-E7 mRNAX00203VF1-10041
TYPE 1HPV18HPV18-E6-E7Human papillomavirus type 18 HPV18-E6-E7 mRNAY18491VF1-10043
TYPE 1MOUSEFoxa2forkhead box A2NM_010446VB1-10059


ViewRNA Probe Sets TYPES - FISH and CISH Probes

Target specific probe set TYPE Fluorescent label excitation Hybridizes to Compatible with the following assay formats Applications
TYPE 1 Probes
550 nm PreAmp1, Amp1, LP1 HC Screening, ISH Cell, ISH Tissue CISH/FISH
TYPE 4 Probes
488 nm PreAmp4, Amp4, LP4 HC Screening, ISH Cell FISH
TYPE 6 Probes
650 nm PreAmp6, Amp6, LP6 HC Screening, ISH Cell, ISH Tissue CISH/FISH
TYPE 8 Probes
All nm PreAmp8, Amp8, LP8 HC Screening FISH
TYPE 10 Probes
740 nm PreAmp10, Amp10, LP10 HC Screening, ISH Cell FISH