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ViewRNATM ISH Tissue Assay for RNA In Situ Hybridization (RNA CISH/RNA FISH)

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Leica BOND RX automation
  • Designed for Leica BOND RX for ultimate flexibility and speed
  • Powerful automated solution for RNA in situ hybridization using FFPE samples
  • Easy to run and hands-free from tissue processing to cover-slipping
  • High reproducibility with standardization across laboratories

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay—Unique Benefits

CISH/FISH RNA in situ assay skin
  • Over 5,500 catalog target probes available
  • One week turnaround time for probes against ANY gene in ANY species
  • Single-molecule RNA detection
  • Manual and fully automated assay
  • Simultaneous analysis of ANY two genes
  • Chromogenic or fluorescent assay readout for the same slide

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay—Applications

CISH/FISH Assay Image Gallery
  • Translational research: oncology, infectious diseases
  • Disease research: cancer, neurology
  • Drug development: biomarker validation, toxicology
  • Companion diagnosis: oncology, infectious diseases
  • A companion to immunohistochemistry (IHC) or DNA FISH assays

RNA In Situ Hybridization in FFPE and Fresh Frozen Tissues—Overview

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay  is the most robust in situ hybridization assay that has single-molecule RNA sensitivity and multiplexing capabilities - simultaneously multiplex ANY gene pair. The assays allow for RNA localization within the cellular context - tumor micro-environment and intra-tumor heterogeneity – that can provide vital information to biomarker's clinical relevance. 

Assay Performance Highlights

ViewRNATM ISH Tissue Assay

Sample Type FFPE or fresh frozen tissue sectionsa, tissue microarrays (TMA), fine needle aspirates (FNA)b
Species Any
Sensitivity Single RNA molecule/cell
Plex Level 2-plex (ANY two genes combination)
Assay Format Standard microscope slides
Detection Chromogenic and fluorescent
Automation-compatible Yesc, d
Instrumentation Brightfield or fluorescence microscope

a Fresh frozen tissue sections could be used, please refer to the Using Frozen Tissues with the ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Technical Note.
b Fine needle aspirates (Ting D. T., et al. Aberrant overexpression of satellite repeats in pancreatic and other epithelial cancers. Science 331(6017):593-6 (2011).)
c Powerful automation solution on Leica BOND RX - NOW AVAILABLE!
d Batch automation of the assay procedures, reducing hands on time and assay variability across users, can be achieved using the Little Dipper® Processor from SciGene.