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Procarta Immunoassays: Overview


  • Largest menu of cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors — more than 260 protein assays and thousands of gene expression assays

  • We QC Test every kit to ensure the best performance for sensitivity and reproducibility

  • Quantify human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, canine, or porcine cytokines, MMPs, or coagulations factors in cell culture supernatant, serum, plasma, CSF, BALF, saliva or cell lysate samples

  • Requires as little as 25 µL of sample

  • Multiplex up to 54 analytes

  • Complete assay in less than 3 hours for polystyrene beads, or less than 4 hours for magnetic beads

  • Reproducible, robust, and sensitive assay

  • Ability to use the same cell culture sample for our QuantiGene Assay for mRNA analysis

Procarta protein assays use the xMAP® technology (mutli-analyte profiling beads) to enable quantitation of multiple protein targets simultaneously. The xMAP system combines a flow cytometer, fluorescent-dyed microspheres (beads), lasers and digital signal processing to effectively allow multiplexing of up to 100 unique assays within a single sample. The Procarta Immunoassay Kits on magnetic beads are compatible with all Luminex® and Luminex-based instruments currently available. The Procarta Immunoassay Kits on polystyrene beads are compatible with all Luminex and Luminex-based instruments

Procarta Immunoassay Kits

The Procarta Immunoassay can simultaneously quantitate up to 54 analytes from diverse matrices with a sensitivity of less than 10 pg/mL for the majority of the analytes. All the Procarta Immunoassay kits are available in 1- and 10- plate sizes for two formats: (1) fixed, pre-formatted assay panels or (2) By Request, mix-to-order customer defined assay panels. By Request orders are processed and delivered in a pre-mixed ready to use format. Procarta Immunoassay Kits include all necessary components to complete a full assay:

  • Pre-mixed, ready to use, antibody-conjugated beads

  • 96-well filter plate and holder (polystyrene bead kits)

  • Magnetic separation plate (magnetic bead kits)

  • Assay and wash buffers

  • Premixed antigen standards

  • 8-tube strip for standard preparation

  • Pre-mixed, ready to use detection antibodies

  • Ready to use streptavidin-PE (SAPE) fluorescence detection reagent

Appropriate species and matrix specific Standard Diluents are sold separately. These buffers are designed for the preparation of antigen standards for optimal quantitation.

Hand-Held Magnetic Plate Washer for Magnetic Bead Assays

Affymetrix has developed a proprietary hand-held magnetic plate washer (sold separately) to simplify the bead wash process.

Simultaneous Analysis of Protein and Gene Expression from the Same Cell Culture Sample

Procarta Immunoassay Kits enable the profiling of up to 54 different targets per reaction. When coupled with QuantiGene Plex assays from Affymetrix, both gene and protein expression can be quantitated from the same sample well (supernatant for protein quantitation and cell lysate for mRNA quantitation) enabling the parallel study of gene expression at the RNA and protein level. Pre-formatted Immunoassay panels are available off-the-shelf or By Request, customer defined panels can be ordered and will be delivered in a premixed ready to use format.

Human histocytic lymphoma cells, U-937, were treated with 1 µg/mL of LPS. At various time points, cell culture supernatants samples were collected and the corresponding cells were lysed. The supernatants were analyzed for 20 different analytes using a Procarta Human Immunoassay Kit. The cell lysates were analyzed for 30 different targets using QuantiGene 2.0 Plex Assay. The results of protein and gene analysis of two analytes, IL-8 and IL1β, are shown above.